Lean Marketing Communications Services

Ideal for small to medium size businesses, Lean Marketing Communications (LMC) is a suite of marketing tools for one price.

In essence, LMC develops a consistent brand for clients and carries that brand across all marketing tools we use. It's every service we offer bundled into a competitive offering.


Print Design

We communicate your message through a wide variety of print media. We're not just here to make pretty pictures; we're here to help you reach your goals and to reinforce your brand. We work to set up a print campaign that works seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy.


Web Development

Your website is the single most important marketing platform your company can have. After thorough planning and strategy, we design and implement your site. After launch we provide easy to understand analytical data to show you how your site performs.

Site design and development doesn't have to take months, take a look at our innovative Sites ONSITE service.


Public Relations

Consistent PR to online and traditional media is a mainstay for our clients. We integrate your message in believable editorial content, constantly pitch stories to our media contacts, and do this all on a consistent basis.



Your brand identity is the message you want to communicate to your potential customers. This is an important starting point. Carrying that brand and common message across all marketing you do reinforces your message. As a partner with our clients, we develop the identity and use that common message in everything we do.


Social Media

We engage your customers and prospects through relevant social media campaigns. Social media content is one the easiest and quickest ways to have two-way conversations.



Unlike most agencies, we shoot our photography in-house. High quality digital photography sells product. The perfect image can say far more than a thousand words.